This is a work-in-progress port of "advmame" to the PiTrex.

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If possible, unpack while preserving the last access datestamps (--atime-preserve), to reduce the time take to rebuild using "make".

tar --atime-preserve -xzvf advancemame.tar.gz

This build does actually run although there are major problems with flicker which need work; to get it to run, you have to run from the console/keyboard rather than over SSH, and have an HDMI display attached. You need to be configured to boot to the console rather than X windows. All menus and the request for an OK prompt will be shown on the HDMI display.

This copy is a snapshot I took before I started on some major hacks that were intended to increase the framerate in order to reduce flicker. Unfortunately the experiment was not successful, so I'm reverting to this earlier version to release as a starting point for new development. The primary diffs between this and the broken version (excluding some changes due to a new yacc/lex) are in:
(don't use these. They're only here in case I made some small update to the actual drawing code that needs to be added again).