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The code in this directory was frozen at the point where the proof-of-concept was
shown to work.  Current development is in


A quick experiment to see if Pandora 32016 Basic can be converted to run
on any arbitrary host that has a C compiler.  It does this by having the
32016 emulator intercept all SVC calls, which are implemented by C code
embedded in the emulator.

Start by fetching a copy of the tree.

From the top-level directory, patch 5 existing files (32016.[ch] Trap.[ch] mem32016.c)
in the NS32016 subdirectory by issuing:

    patch < patch.diff

Add the new files bas32.[ch] and Pandora.[ch] to the NS32016 subdirectory.

From the NS32016 subdirectory, compile with:

   cc -g -o bas32 -DBAS32  -I.. bas32.c 32016.c Decode.c mem32016.c Pandora.c -lm

The experiment seems to have worked, so the next step is to see if it can be
repeated for PANOS relocatable image files.

Thanks to Hoglet for the emulator and help in getting this running.  This code
ought to run on both 32 and 64 bit systems.  (To compile on a 64 bit system you
*may* need to add -m64 to the command-line.)

Graham Toal