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REX - Music_Stores
Oceans Away Home Page
D2 Entertainment's Online Music Store
CyberCD -- *DER* CD-Shop im Internet!
GEM Records
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Search VT web site
Fedex track Doris
Track Doris' Fedex delivery for her birthday
AltaVista Search
Search phone CD
CNN Interactive
NCHGR: Government WWW Resources
EFF "Network Information & Resources" Archive
TransWeb Transparent-GIF Service
South Padre Island - Sand Dollar Realty
Socks Web Archive
FTP search'95 v3.0
Internet Phone
MicroWarehouse Home
Demos and Shareware
Convert Images
Windows 95 Shareware
Show me the Way!
The Way: Search Sites
Index of /mailing_lists/
Forms based archie searching
iphone by thread
bsdilist by thread
The Hollyweb Online Film Guide
Automatic News HREFs
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Internet:Interesting Devices Connected to the Net
An Introduction To Paging
Advisor Pro Operating Instructions
Advisor Instructions: Contents
Third Party Referral Guide to Alpha and Data Paging
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Software:Data Formats:HTML:Netscape Extensions
FOX Entertainment
Welcome to Fox World Sports!
Welcome to the FOX Kids Network!
PHWWW - Web Access to NetPages
The World
Internet Code of Conduct
Blue Netpages--Understanding Electronic Mail
Blue Netpages--Internet Survival Tips
Matt's Script Archive
Ultimate Search Page
The Foresight Entertainments Centre Home Page
The Reference Page
The Reference Page
The Incredibly Expanding Hot List
Speak Freely for Windows
excite Netsearch
News from Reuters Online
Inktomi: #1...
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:Searching the Web
Yahoo - Reference:Phone Numbers
Adventures in Education student loan financial aid parent college career university grant education
Unofficial ReBoot Home Page
ROMANTASY: Responsible Use of the Internet
FTP search'95 v3.0
TV Net®
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Personal Technology Home Page
American Demographics / Marketing Tools
Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal:Headlines
The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition
Tribal Voice Web Reviews
The WorldWideWeb Virtual Library: Literature
The Ancient World Web: The Ultimate Index of All Things Ancient
Heritage Map Museum Consultation and Appraisal Services
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
Welcome to NetGuide Online
Recent Wire Stories sorted by time
FutureNet : News : Index
ESPNET SportsZone
NlightN Home Page!
Lycos search: telemarketing consumer protection act tcpa
Geographic Nameserver
Search MIT SciFi Library
Women Homepage
SIPB Fun Stuff Page
Socks Web Archive
Xing Technology Corporation
Internet Telephone Company - WebPhone(tm) Beta Download
Network Computing's ISDNsights
I'm NOT Miss Manners of the Internet
The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette, by Arlene Rinaldi
Raptor Systems Security Library
Welcome to RealAudio !
Netsurfer Communications
North Central Texas Council of Governments
Dallas/Fort Worth Cities
Four11 Directory Services (SLED)
MacTCP notes 1.4.1
TSO: Macintosh IP Toolkit
Speak Freely: Active Sites
Netscape Commerce Server
Cleveland Public Library - Electronic Resources
Digi Intl.: Home Page
Modem INIT Strings Chart
PathWay Client NFS for Macintosh
Geography Server Gateway
Route Planning Page
Beyond The Black Stump
OzEmail's Macintosh CyberCentre
Install a Certificate
/ / / Welcome to / / /
Raptor Systems Security Library
Cyphernomicon Contents
Department Of Computing File Archive
yeeHa ! Texas Website & Resource Directory - HOME PAGE
NYNEX Interactive Yellow Details
NYNEX Interactive Yellow Details
NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages Business Type Search
Vicinity MapBlast! Welcome
Stroud's CWSApps List - 32-bit Apps Main Menu
BESTZIPS Archive Main Page
CSUSM Windows World
MacWorld: CSUSM Macintosh Archive
Tabitha's Freebie Pages
The Java Arcade
Free Screensavers
The UK MIDI Archive Home Page
Win $1,000,000 Desktop Enhancements Non-Network Shareware Internet and Network Shareware
MIDI Server Yellow Page
Embedding Plugins
Dylan Greene's Windows 95 Starting Pages
Dylan's Windows 95 Starting Pages: Faqs, Tips & Tricks
Dylan's Windows 95 Starting Pages: Other Win95 Home Pages
Dylan's Windows 95 Starting Pages: Software
Crescendo FAQ
The SlaughterHouse (Win95 stuff)
Misc Windows utilities
Magazine Editors Rave About TNT's Programs
INTELLICAST: Brownsville Weather
IntIndex: An Internet Index / Alphabetical Index
IntIndex: An Internet Index
FreeWay FTP Home Page
Internet Code of Conduct - Blue NetPages - Aldea Communications
Introduction to the Blue NetPages - Aldea Communications
GSM_WIN: GSM 6.10 Player/Converter
GSM Streaming Audio for the Web
Direct Audio Programs Links
INTELLICAST: Brownsville Weather
Internet Audio Publisher Beta Testers' page
INTELLICAST: brownsville Radar Summary
Zippo Dot Com - free usenet news
US Domain template
Plain text - not online form
Welcome to the Local Government Home Page!
Macintosh WWW Resource Directory
ComVista Internet Solutions
PHP/FI Version 2.0
GIF Animation on the WWW
Ask the Web Pro
Dave Barr's INN page
Arizona Central comics!
Windows 95 Internet Software
SprintLink® Handbook v2.1
HotWired: Muckraker
The Netizen - Special Report
NOCOL / NetConsole - Network Operation Center On-Line
Social Security Numbers and privacy
The Internet Help Desk
Bandwidth Conservation (images etc)
Creating Web Pages; A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Computer Conferencing on the Web (Discussion Forums and Groupware)
Aerosoft - NetLoad Home Page
Bitsrfer Pro Service and Support
InfoWorld Electric Page One
Ruth McKay's HugeList
Intel Internet Phone and Companion Software
DBC Online
List of Dictionaries
Televideo (Italian teletext)
Galacticomm, Inc. - Home Page
ISDNsights -- Windows 95 and the Motorola BitSURFR
Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh
Configuring the netXpand router with a Motorola Bitsurfr/Bitsurfr Pro
ALTERNIC.NET RFC and Internet Draft Pages
A L T E R N I C . N E T / A L T E R N I C . N I C
Nanog Archive
"ircache by thread
Mailing list archives
Index of /mail.archives/html
NetSCARF Headquarters
INTELLiCast: Texas Cities
pager programming & monitoring
JPEG image 544x201 pixels
Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: CallerID FAQ
High Speed Packet Radio
Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources
gd 1.2
SprintLink® Handbook v2.1
PCL Map Collection
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) WWW Resource List
WWW GIS-sites
World City Maps
Shadow Master's Home Page
Hartley's on the Web
HylaFAX Frequently Asked Questions
HylaFAX Home Page
CD Database Search
XMCD Home Page
NTweb (Frames Version)
Unusual Search
The First Net Super Searcher
The Jones Search page
Guitar Notes
CD Database
Sjoerd Mullender's Bookmarks
PythOnline Fun and Games
ISO 8859 Alphabet Soup
The Electric Postcard
Grolier Online's The American Presidency
The Washington Times National Weekly Edition
Green Eggs Report
Registration Template Guide
The D-SPAM Initiative
STOP UCE - Uninvited Comercial E-mail
Junkbusters: JUNKBUSTERS Home Page
EPIC Privacy Archives
The Official CAQ Home Page
The Official CAQ Home Page
Junkbusters: U.S. laws concerning direct mail
Consumer's Guide to Postal Services & Products
Represent Yourself In Court
Campaign to Stop Junk Email
rfc1173 -postmaster@ required
National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060
I HATE Junk E-Mail Web Page
Index of
OAK Software Repository
The Archives
Friends & Family
nntpcache Mail Thread Index
Kali Mail Thread Index (ipx<->IP games)
Squid Mail Thread Index
ISAAC: Gaming Online
Guinness INDEX - T.O.C
NCSA HTTPd Server Configuration File
Apache directives
Tunnel Records - Home Page
CD Banzai! Home Page
CD Bargains Home Page
CD Compilations
CD Direct Home Page
The CD Exchange...Quality Used CDs
Welcome to CD Land!
Explore music & more
Welcome to the CDTRADER Network Home Page
cdUSA compact disc store
CDUSA's Main Menu
Search The CD Plus Compact Disc Catalogue
CDnow : Main : Homepage
Compact Disc Connection
1-800 MUSIC NOW - I Know What I Want
General Music Search
xmcd entry for Rare Earth / Anthology (The Best Of Rare Earth) (Disk 2 of 2
UBL: Ad Info and Preferred Listings
CD mail order companies on the Internet
Search other net sites for this CD.
The Entertainment Connection
AltaVista Search: Simple Query "the brown derbies"
xmcd entry for Various / Music from the Motion Picture Threesome
The Wollongong Pig-Breeders' Gazette 1
Hypermail Documentation
Tunes.Com - music samples
DOS and Windows (Software Archives)
Sources for Free Software on the Web
Cool sites in Brazil
Recipe Links
The Kitchen Link - Search Page and Site Index
The Kitchen Link - Sites with Assorted Recipes Page 1
Freeware Central
The Internet Notebook
Contents: Full
Taylor UUCP - Acknowledgements
The Official SCRABBLE® Homepage
UCS Knowledge Base (Glossary Interface)
Say dictionaries...
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary
Index of /comp.speech/data
Free Acorn software
UCB/LBNL Video Conferencing Tool (vic)
Index of MBone Software by Title
Newsgroups available under comp.sys.acorn
Prime Time Freeware at the Computer Laboratory
telephone junk
Telemarketing Tips
Rules For Telephone Solicitations
The DMA | Shop At Home Information Center
Social Security Number FAQ
About the Code of Federal Regulations
JUNKBUSTERS Links to other resources
Santa Barbara On Line Yellow Pages
Index of /PTF/Unix_4.2_B/TEXTS/DICT/FODC
People Finding Tools
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - Telemarketing Calls
Private Citzens Inc.
How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
The Netizen's Guide to Spam, Abuse, and Internet Advertising
Yahoo! - Reference:Dictionaries
Junk Email: America Online Profits from its deliberate indifference toward junk email and chain letters (& links re: Bulk Email, Chain Letters, Email America, Cyber Promotions - Promo Enterprises, and Business Link - BusinessLink)
Get that spammer!
The Anti-UMail FAQ
Outlaw Junk E-mail Now
The Judge Said
Fed up with junk phone calls? UK
Broadcast Fax and Junk Email: Illegal Under 47 U.S. Code 227
Rio Grande Alliance
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Historia de Internet
Spell check for edit boxes
Spell Check
alt.usage.english FAQ
Figures of Speech (after Corbett)
The Unofficial Official Dictionary of UKUS Terms
Hal Berghel, The Logical Framework for the Correction of Spelling Errors in Electronic Documents, 1987
Computer Phonetic Characters
Proposal for an ASCII Version of the IPA
The International Phonetic Alphabet
MicroPages® Demos
Synonym/Antonym lookup
IPA-SAM phonetic fonts
Usenet IPA/ASCII transcription
FAQ: Summary of IPA/ASCII transcription for English
Tableaux de l'A.P.I.
Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts - Table of Contents
DECtalk Software: Text-to-Speech Technology and Implementation
Rogue sites
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Index of /pub/vixie/
NFIC - Contacting Other Agencies Online
James A. Cherry: the Scrabble® connection Search Wizard
Search Microsoft
Index Server Search Form
Ferris' Valley Groves
Gulf Development & Real Estate
IIs of Texas:Main Menu
El Parque Industrial Virtually
TotalNEWS: all the News, on the Net, all the Time
The Page Generator v2.0
Word.Net's Ambigram.Com
Virtual Free Stuff: WebMaster Tools
Virtual Reference Search Engines
HTML/Web Authoring Guides
WIndows 95 Routing Products
Useful tools & toys
TFS Software - Inetd Network Server for Windows 95
Firewall Product Summaries Index
WinProxy About
Server -- Xiaomu's List of Win95 Internet Apps
Internet Shareware and Software, Shareware Shareware Shareware
Welcome to VideoGuide!
Windows95 Annoyances (Unsupported Devices Under Windows95)
Webwatch - August 1996
Chris Babb
Welcome to parole
SquareOne Technology - How do I...
AltaVista Search: Simple Query "NEC companion" "NEC messagemaker c
Install a Certificate
comp.protocols.snmp [SNMP] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
FYI: 2
FYI Index
Dan Garcia's Spam Homepage
Echo : News
Report those damn Spammers!
Fight Junk Mail!
Verisign Inc. : Server Digital ID Enroll
NetGuard Firewall
Internet Security Systems, Inc. Home Page - ISS
Gary's Computer Scrabble
Welcome to l o Q t u s !
Available Software
AltaVista Search: Simple Query "official scrabble words"
Kevin Cowtan's Scrabble Challenge Game
AltaVista Search: Simple Query url:scrabble
AltaVista Search: Simple Query scrabble
At The Puzzle Depot
BESTZIPS Archive Main Page
UCREL Corpus Annotation
Simplified Spelling on WWW
AltaVista Search: Simple Query "Roger Mitton"
AltaVista Search: Simple Query "Roger Mitton"
Lexical Resources
Cobuild Fill-the-blank Competition
Index of /~ag/src/talk/cmudict
Index of /~ag/src/talk/rsynth-2.0
Index of /~ag/src/talk/beep
US/UK Translation
AltaVista Search: Simple Query "pronouncing dictionary" "pronuncia...
The SOWPODS Scrabble Home Page
List of Dictionaries
John Chew's Home Page
John Chew's New Home Page
Latin word list
Word List Programs
Sam's Anagram Server
Complete list of Usenet FAQs
Database America People Finder
Secure Computing Corporation
Dr. Website: Using the META Tag to Refresh Pages and Redirect Visitors /WW November 4, 1996
Zip2 Home Page
The Common Carrier Bureau HomePage Has Been Moved!!
Common Carrier Bureau Home Page
BCS: Homepage
City.Net Maps
Search Page Generation: CDDB
Architext Querying
Excite, Inc. Excite for Web Servers Help
AltaVista Search: Simple Query "wilbert m" +astroluz
The Net Abuse FAQ
MapQuest! TripQuest
Gateway To The Reservation System
ZDNet Software Library - Top Rated Shareware
UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project
Carroll Publishing: Vital Government Directories
Highly interactive WWW Services
Collection of All the Search Engines You Will Ever Need!
DEutsches Network Information Center
CH/LI DOM-REG Other Registries
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet - ISO 3166 Codes
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet - Table of Contents
Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti's Statement
RFC Main Index Page
The Golden Key Campaign for Private Communications Online
Prelude to CGI Programming
Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth
AltaVista Search: Simple Query link:cdsearch.html
AltaVista Search: Main Page
MetaCrawler Searching
Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines
Infoseek: Adding Your Site to Infoseek
WebCrawler Add URLs
Spanish SavvySearch Query Form
Search Results
The Open Text Index
Add Your URL to the Open Text Index
The Open Text Index - current_events
Worldcom Recherches
it's all over...
Welcome to!
EuroSeek (tm) 2.0 ß - Español
EuroSeek (tm) 2.0 ß - English
AltaVista: Página Principal - The Webmaster's Reference Library
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers Home Page. Welcome to Thomas Register!
Women's Web
Squid Internet Object Cache
Rotherwall: The Proxies Page
Search for a business in Mexico
Mex Search Yellow Pages Server
mexico Fax Directory
WorldPages: Find the World Here!
Inference Find! -- Home Page and Resource Center
The Boston Globe Online
NewsTracker Home
The Enigma Minisample (Home Page)
Bryson Limited Homepage
WordWeb Pro
Word game and dictionary links
THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk - Dictionaries
The Programmer Of The Month (POTM) Page
The Scrabble FAQ and other crossword game resources on the Internet
Word-game Shareware
Scrabble® Info & Resources
C/C++ Users Group (CUG) Home Page
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for rec.puzzles.crosswords
Search Lessons Learned from Crossword Puzzles
ZIA Computers and Games, Computer Games, Online Games, Word Games Resources
Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)
WordNet 1.5 Vocabulary Helper
WordNet at Vancouver Webpages
Casey's Snow Day Reverse Dictionary (and Guru)
ARTFL Project: Webster Search Form
ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
Project Gutenberg Home Page
Word Play
Linguistic Phenomena/Devices
Word Games on the Web
Rhetorical Figures
Spelling Test
Measure 4 Measure: Sites That Do the Work For You
James A. Cherry: how to submit log2s
James A. Cherry: The ACBot/critiquer FAQ
James A. Cherry: the Scrabble® connection
Surnames: What's in a Name? * Name Origins & Meanings * Broken Arrow Publishing
CISCO MANUAL: Network Protocols Command Reference, Part 1
Cisco Connection Documentation
CCO Search Results
IP Commands
SPIEGEL online
X-10 Home Page
X-10 Pro Online
Do-it-yourself home automation
Do-it-yourself home automation
X-10 Pro Online
About XTension
X10 Home Automation - What is it?
HOME TEAM: Home Networks: Control Standards: X-10
X-10 USA: Home Page
WWW Home Page for comp.home.automation
WWW Home Page for comp.home.automation
Home Automation Links
AuctionWeb Item jiz8207 - *NEW* HP Power Supply and Cartridge Case
Computer Crime Squad
NACASA Technology WEB PageNACASA Technology - The Lower Texas Valley's Computer Consultants
The Hyperion Records Home Page
Excite Reviews: Indexes & Reviews
Excite Reviews: Resources & Archives
Welcome To The Globe Records Sound and Vision CyberLounge
Internet JUNKBUSTER Technical Information
Internet JUNKBUSTER Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to RealMedia !
Filtering the Web using WebFilter
Subway navigator
Make Money Fast
The Oxford English Dictionary Online
Word and letter games
Britannica Search
MUSE - Search the Database
PLWeb Turbo Search
About Library Resources
MathSciNet Search
Welcome to the Electronic Herald
The Scotsman
Cult of Macintosh
Lasu's net abuse links
Current Usenet spam thresholds and definitions
Internet Music Review Service
BadISPs.html (last edited 1997.Feb.20 08:26 PST)
Adding Additional IP Addresses to a Single Network Adapter
Saddam Hussein's homepage
Authentication of Usenet Group Changes
SPAMMER: A1stroluz list & BulkMan Pro
Bulk E-Mail Tools
Junk email mail sending pondscum
Tracking Down Internet Baddies
ISP: Internet spam provider
TISPA Spam Information Page
Death of the CancelBot
Email Spam
Infinite Ink's Processing Mail with Procmail
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
The Cancelmoose[tm] Home Page
Net.Abuse Links
Netizens Against Gratuitious Spamming
Netizens Against Gratuitious Spamming
Stop Unsolicited Mass E-Mail Advertisements!
Cyberpromo FAQ
PC411 Search Page - reverse phone number search
VTW | Unsolicited Commercial Email
Reference: Words/Style
Combatting Spam... the fight against unsolicited e-mail
Internet Query Tools
Wired Source: Search Engines
squid-users archive by thread
Internet Address Finder
Reference: People Finder
Reference: Numbers/Statistics
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Why is spam bad?
The Net Abuse FAQ
RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines
Get that spammer!
EmailAbuseLog.html (last edited 1997.Feb.28 00:26 PST)
NetAbuse.html (last edited 1996.Mar.05 23:12 PST)
BadISPs.html (last edited 1997.Feb.20 08:26 PST)
ComplainToWhom.html (last edited 1997.Mar.16 02:50 PST)
alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 961119
Stop Spam!
List of spamming domains (updated regularly)
Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It
Commercial considerations in newsgroups
MMF Hall of Humiliation
MMF Of The Week - "REPORT scam"
Chain Letter Consequences
Chain letters
The Skeptic's Dictionary Table of Contents
The GIGO Game
Your Pals at Promo Enterprises
Spammers Paradise
Spammers of the Week
News Flash
go2net | internet | net sequitur
Welcome to Voyeur
The Great Peering Debate
The War on Spam
Other Links
Information Filtering Resources
Hemal's Home Page
The Email Abuse FAQ
Join the Fight Against Spam!
Firewalls mailing list
tops: convert anything to PostScript
Windows95 Links
CNET features - how to - stop spam
CNET features - how to - stop spam - make yourself invisible on mailing lists
Stop AGIS' network abuse!
The Steve Winter FAQ - religious spam
Rogue's Gallery of Net Abusers
Cyber Promotions / Promo Enterprises - Harassing Thousands With Bulk Junk Email Daily (Sanford Wallace)
AOL PreferredMail(tm) List
Sendmail Home Page
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
Index of /~asgilman/spam
Hints about sendmail/e-mail
Links to e-mail related sources
Using check_* in sendmail 8.8
Using a database in the check_* rulesets
Public Link Corp. Home Page
Network Law
Department of Public Safety
Public Link Corp. Texas Vehicle License Plate
Public Link Corp. Texas Driver's License
Welcome to Newshare Corp.
NameBase Book Index
Articles & Documents
Prevailing Winds Research
U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - U.S. Code (searchable)
U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
Texas Legislature Online
Transportation Code - Title 7 - Subt B - Ch 521 - Subch C - Sec 50
Transportation Code - Title 7 - Subt B - Ch 521 - Subch C - Sec 52
Kill the spammers, let the maggots sort them out
Links to other anti-spam sites!
Anti-Spam Intelligence Center
Antispam Web Page
Secant Computing Systems, Incorporated
The Unsolicited Email Site List
Get that spammer!
Compuserve v. Cyber Promotions
How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers
The Anti-UMail FAQ
CD Universe Linking Guidelines
Other Voices on spam
healthfinder -- a gateway consumer health information web site from the United States government
CDworld Affiliates Program
AltaVista Search: Simple Query link:
ISP/C Policy Statement: Spam
Search Engines
Complete Internet Solutions: MEGA Search - Miscellaneous
Complete Internet Solutions: MEGA Search
Dial US Search Engine List
Search Engines
Search Engines
MLX Network Services - MegaSearch Menu - Misc
Search Forms
AltaVista Search: Simple Query link:
Alpha Oil Tools All In One Search Page
Junk e-mail Call to Action
Free MEDLINE to close its doors
Music Connection
UltimateTV Listings
UltimateTV Listings - PLEX
MEDLINE: Free MEDLINE Search - HealthWorld Online
Squid sizing for Intel platforms
Other Anti-junk e-mail Sites
Mnemonic Browser Project
Jim Bodenstedt's Home Page
No spams: Online guides to thwarting junk E-mail
Web caching architecture document
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
Search for lyrics
Phonies with Anagrams
UK Scrabble Club List
PlanetSearch Home Page
BMG: Performer Index
BMG: Composer Index
Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page
What-U-Seek (c) 1996-97 - Search
My alt.sources DAWG post 1/3
My alt.sources DAWG post 2/3
My alt.sources DAWG post 3/3
My alt.sources pmp hack :-)
A job ad I placed once...
My alt.sources pcx2ps code
My 'fuck' post
Language/Etymology/Fuck/fuck etymology of
My UK/US words post
My One Time Pad post
Junk Mail
Censorware Search Engine
CYBERsitter filter file codebreaker
CRADLE Main Page
Bigfoot Anti-Spamming Defense System
The Spam Page
Implementing Warnings for AGIS Netblocks
I-way: Beating the Spammers
The Word Detective
INFOSEARCH® presents Mr. Smith E-Mails...
Websearch Engines
STPT: Reference-Phone & Postal
STPT: Entertainment-Music
STPT: Entertainment-Music
WiredNews: Search for "spam"
Teleport's Anti-Spam Filter
CNN - U.S. congressman wants ban on 'spamming' - May 21, 1997
CNN - A bid to block junk e-mail - May 18, 1997
CD Express - Home Page - DON'T put this one on my CD search engine page
Distance result - Larry Fields (for spam file)
Free Online Marketing Help!
Spam Considered Harmful
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
Spam Lawsuit
Deja News Retrieved Document
Email Spam
CSAA - Automotive Services | "Vehicle Pricing Service"
AltaVista Search: Simple Query +"4710 E. Falcon Dr"., +"Suite 116"
Search Engine Ranking: How Search Engines Rank Web Pages
The Global Showcase
Original Hip-Hop (Rap) Lyrics Archive
Web firm takes on Cyber Promotions
Spam, Scams and Relevant Resources
Media UK Internet Directory: Satellite and internet radio
NetSat Express - DirecPC / NetSat Direct Terminals - How They Work
NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation
NetMechanic - Link Check
***Cool Tunes - Music Central Lobby**** Cool Tunes - online music store***
Search the Delos Catalog
TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES, UT Pan American Employees, The University of Texas-Pan American, Texas, USA
Classical Insites: Find Music
AltaVista Search: Advanced Query ( OR AND NOT host:c...
All-Movie Guide Main Page
All-Music Guide Main Page
Internet Music Review Service
Think CD/Video : CD Music
Surf Point
AltaVista Search: Simple Query
Yankee Music Search
CD and Vinyl Exchange - Home Page
telecd, nederlands goedkoopste cd, cdrom en video winkel: aanbiedingen
Jungle CD
Toneburst Records Online
Compact Discovery
CD Bargains - Music for Everyone - New & Used CDs
LOCAL MUSIC NETWORK: Your connection to city music scenes, Independent artists, Compact Discs and online songs
HGR Music Catalogue, Edition 41, 2nd June 1997
The Netizen - Media Rant
Dervorguilla - Index
Russian Music Gallery
MusicSearch: The Internet's Music-Only Search Site
+A+ Music SuperStore MASS MUSIC - LARGEST DISCOUNT MUSIC STORE - The largest discount music available on the web is here at Mass Music Discount music with the lowest prices anywhere. FREE MUSIC EVERYDAY! Over 185,000 titles, over 200,000 sound samples, over 18,000 album covers, audio reviews, free ezine, cool reviews, live online customer service, super speedy spelling tolerant search engine. Check us out. We are the best place to buy CDs and buy music online. Music music MUSIC. Best MUSIC music Music. We also have CDS cds CDs and CDs cds CDS and of course some tapes Tapes TAPES and vinyl VINYL Vinyl and videos Videos VIDEOS and tons more...The artists you want: U2, Wallflowers, Erasure, and more...
Scout Indie Record Store
Local Music Store Online - Catalog
WorldAge Music on~line Ltd - The Christian Internet Music Store
Disc Go Round- ALL CDS
Vintage Vinyl Records
-:Mono Records:-
Surf Point
Surf Point
Surf Point
Leck CDs & Books Service
!theZone Europe's Largest Virtual Music & Video Store featuring 70,000 Titles To Choose From - TitleSearch Page
SOFTWAR Information Security


All ZDNet articles on spam
Anti-spammers get zapped by mad spammer
Traceroute Hack

TheOnRamp Group, Inc. Home Page w/Frames
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PublicLink SearchPage
PC411 Search Page
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Bank of America
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Business Week Online
Edgar Online
Library of Congress
Money Online
Monster Board Job Database
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

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BONZI Voice Email
CMP TechWeb
Gamelan's Java Software Directory
Gartner Group, Inc.
PC Magazine Online
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CollegeNET Home Page
Discovery Channel Online
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Smithsonian Institution


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American Association of Retired Persons Webplace
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