Dimensional units

A Domain-Specific Language for unit manipulations Groovy Zone
Andrew Kennedy's Blog Units of Measure in F# Part One, Introducing Units
Conversion of Units of Measurement
Definition and Printing of Quantities
Dicom 4.0 - The unit aware calculator
Frink - dimensional units
Frink - units-based calculator
Mathomatic Demo Page
unit-based dimensional calculator notes - Google Docs
unit-based typing post on compilers101

42s2html - Convert HP-42S RPN programs to HTML listings for Win 9x-2K-XP
810155 Compilers - Session 3
A Domain-Specific Language for unit manipulations Groovy Zone
a gcc superoptimiser
a s m u t i l s - good skeleton for a small compiler
About OProfile
Abstract Syntax Description Language
Acovea Overview - browse and compare book price at 40+ Sites!
alchemy CMI - C inliner
amzauth fuse patch
An Implementation Guide to Compiler Writing - Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta
Anatomy of a Compiler and The Tokenizer
ANSI C grammar (Lex)
ANSI C grammar (Yacc) 2006
ANSI C grammar (Yacc)
Antique Software Turbo C version 2.01
ANTLR Parser Generator and Translator Generator Home Page
AnyC - GPL C compiler for 8-bit microcontrollers
ARM - Embedded Software Development Tools and Compilers
Artima Developer Spotlight Forum - Running C and C++ Code Inside the Browser
Assembly Language - Free computer books
Assembly language for Power Architecture, Part 1 Programming concepts and beginning PowerPC instructions
Assembly Optimization Tips
Atacc – Ada To Ansi C Compiler
Atul's Mini-C Compiler
Avrora - Control Flow Graph Tool
BASIC Programming and Chipmunk Basic Home Page
BASICO programming language
Basics of Compiler Design
BEG - Code Generator for creating Portable Compiler(s)
Bisqwit's free software
Bloodshed Software - Compilers resources
BNF for a very simple BASIC compiler
Bootstrapping a simple compiler from nothing
Bounds Checking for C
C to Java byte-code compiler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
c to pascal translator
C to PL-I PL-1 PL1 Project
C-- Home
C-C++ GOLD engine v1.8
C99 standard
Call Graph Drawing Interface
Cay Horstmann's Blog Railroad diagrams
CCured Documentation
Cee As An Intermediate Language
Christoph Lehner's Prolog Tree Draw Program
Christopher W. Fraser -- Vita
CIL Documentation (v. 1.2.5)
clang C Language Family Frontend for LLVM
CLiCC - The Common Lisp to C Compiler
Comp.compilers Re Bottom-up versus Top-down
Comp.compilers Re Survey of intermediate program representations
compact expression parsing.pdf
Compile C Faster on Linux - lcc
Compile C Faster on Linux
Compiler - Free Computer, Programming, Mathematics, Technical Books, Lecture Notes and Tutorials
Compiler .Pdf Ebook Download
Compiler Basics
Compiler Books
Compiler Companies Companies that Develop and Market Production Compilers
Compiler Connection
Compiler Construction - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Compiler Research Projects University Language and Compiler Research
Compiler Topics Links to Sites Related to Compilers
CompilerErrors - DigitalFanatics
Compilers - Chapter 15
Compilers Algorithms
Compilers and Compiler Generators
compilers Class Notes
Compilers project specification 1997-1998 [Dirk Vermeir] free compilers c-c++ parser generators
Compiling Techniques 1969 - Hopgood
Computer Laboratory Alan Mycroft's student project suggestions
constant folding Information From
Conversion of Units of Measurement
Courant Institute Technical Reports
CPTR 464 Compiler Design
CS 348 Lab #3 Parsing a Simple Expression Language
CS 524 Compiler Construction Project - SIMPLE - SDSU - Fall06
david welch instruction build arm gcc
Detailed information for Emu48
Digital Mars - Download C and C++ Compilers
Digital Mars Download C and C++ Compilers
DJGPP 2.04 beta
DJGPP FAQ -- How to get GCC to generate assembly code
DJGPP FAQ -- Where to find DJGPP packages
DJGPP Public Access Cross-Compiler
Download C to C++ Converter Freeware - Script that automatically converts a C program with one or several sources files, locate
Download details .NET Framework Software Development Kit Version 1.1
Download details Microsoft Macro Assembler 8.0 (MASM) Package (x86)
Dr. Dobb's Practical Parsing for ANSI C December 12, 2006
Dr. Dobb's Journal CD-ROM Library - small C
drawing parse trees
Ebnf2ps Peter's Syntax Diagram Drawing Tool
ELF Kickers incl elf to c
END OF LINE - tcc fork
Factor a practical stack language
Features - Syntax Diagrams
flick The Flexible IDL Compiler Kit
Flickr Photo Download ANSI C grammar dependency graph
flipcode - Implementing A Scripting Engine
Free C - C++ Compilers and Interpreters (
free42 hp-42s.pdf
FreeBASIC compiler (a free BASIC compiler) - official page - About [en]
Freeware-BoundsChecking Project details for Visualization of Compiler Graphs Search results - +compiler
FTP directory -cseng-authors-finkel-apld- at
GCC extension for protecting applications from stack-smashing attacks
GNU 68K C-C++ Compiler, Windows Port, Free Download.
GNU C source to source translator
go2net internet deep magic Climbing the data tree
GPP - pre processor
GPP -- Generic Preprocessor
How to write a Parser - translator using Lex -Yacc
How to write your own compiler with LLVM
HP Calculator Emulator Software for Educators - HP Small and Medium Business
HP-42S assembler
HP-42S calculator emulator
HP-42S-Free42 Programs
HP16C Emulator,ACM&CFID=15151515&CFTOKEN=6184618 self-compiling tiny c-like language
I'm Cross! - compile for windows on linux
IBM - developerWorks - Open Source Software - Jikes' Home
iburg, A Tree Parser Generator
ICODE - not the edinburgh one
Implementing functional languages - a tutorial by Simon Peyton Jones
Incremental compiler .Pdf Ebook Download
Index for PCCTS
index [NekoVM]
Intel C++ Compiler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Intel® C Compiler for EFI Byte Code
Intel® Compilers - Intel® Software Network
Internet C++ - Internet Virtual Machine The New Internet Belongs To You!
Introduction to Syntax Directed Parsing
ISO-IEC JTC1-SC22-WG14 - C Approved standards - Scripting with C
Java as an Intermediate Language
Javascal official home page
Jep - Java Math Expression Parser - Singular Systems
Jonathan Schaeffer CMPUT 415
Jove and 1-disc 286 GCC
Kenneth Louden's Compiler Construction Text
Lab 1 Tree traversals
LADsoft CC386 Page
LadSoft Home Page
Laurence Tratt How Difficult is it to Write a Compiler
lcc code-generatioon interface
lcc, A Retargetable Compiler for ANSI C
LCC-Win32 - a free C compiler for Windows
LCC-Win32 A free compiler system for Windows Operating Systems by Jacob Navia
Let's Build a Compiler
Lex & Yacc - excellent compiler demo
lib.exe is an alias for link -lib
Linux Links - The Linux Portal Software-Programming-Compilers-Procedural
Lisp Front-End to JavaScript Engine
Micro Autocode - Overview
MinGW - Home
missing nmake - is in net framework sdk
Montreal SIMULA Site
Nested Functions - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
Nils Weller's C compiler
nonpareil High-Fidelity Calculator Simulator
NULLSTONE Optimization Categories
Oberon Compilers and Language reference material
occam compiler
Open Directory - Computers Programming Compilers
Open Directory - Computers Programming Languages Algol 68
OpenCOBOL - an open-source COBOL compiler
Operator-Precedence Parsing
Parrot - PCT Parrot Compiler Tools
Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide
Pascal-S (Snepscheut-Johnstone)
Pat Terry Home Page
Paul Hsieh's x86 Assembly page
pcc - pcc portable c compiler
PL-I for GCC
PL-I, PLI, PL-1 PL1 to C Sorce Code Translator and Converter
PL-SQL, Java, and Javascript Code 'Beautifiers'
pl0 Compiler 2006-2007
porting gcc for dunces
Programmers Heaven - C - C++ Zone - Compilers files
Programming Languages
Project info for Kencc
Re Source-to-source transformation best approach
Real Man's Compiler Collection
Ruby Quiz - Drawing Trees (#40)
Running C and Python Code on The Web at Toolness
Sample Parsers
School of Informatics Courses Compiler Optimisation Home Page
Semantic Designs C Front End
Simple C Compiler
Single-Pass Generation of Static Single Assignment Form for Structured Languages - Brandis, Mossenbock (ResearchIndex)
smorgasbordet - Pelles C
Softpanorama Decompilation and Decompilers Page
Software optimization resources. C++ and assembly. Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X
some new compiler links
source to source language processors - plsql example
source to source translation links Compiler tests for basic semantic checks cppcheck » home ctalk Files - gcw MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows 64 Repository - [onboardc] Index of -OnBoardC-OnBoardC-Src Software Search - compiler ucc
specs [NekoVM]
STOICAL - STack Oriented Interactive Compiler Adapted to Linux
SuperPascal - Per Brinch Hansen
Sven Eric Panitz
SYNGEN - a Syntax diagram drawing tool
Syntax - C
TCC Tiny C Compiler
TCC - Compiler Project
The Amsterdam Compiler Kit
The EE Compendium - C Cross-Compilers
The Great Win32 Computer Language Shootout
The Leonardo Computing Environment (portable virtual machine)
The LEX & YACC Page
The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure List of Projects
The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project (2)
The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project
The Toy Languages and Compiler
The Tutorial Page
The Zephyr Abstract Syntax Description Language
Tiny Programs
Translation of Programming Languages Activities
Try out LLVM in your browser!
TXL Home Page - translation by example
upx the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables - Homepage
VCG Overview
vcode a retargetable, extensible, very fast dynamic code generation system
Viktor's Home Page W - A Simple Programming Language pro
W.Ehrhardt mpint intro
Why Bison is Becoming Extinct
Windows Vista restricts non-Win32 apps to 32MB of memory
XX to C translators
Yahoo! Groups QDepartment Files
Zephyr Compiler Infrastructure
Zephyr Talks and Papers