For a page about fonts, this is going to be a remarkably bland layout for some time to come!

This site is not a font collection; it is a font search engine. We do not have any fonts here for download. What we do is locate fonts on other sites, give you a preview of them, and point you to the sites where we found them.

We hope to make finding the fonts relatively easy - obviously knowing the name is a good way to find them, but if you know the name you can find them easily on any regular search engine. What we hope to do here is offer a font recognition service where we match a sample that you provide to a font in our database - or we guide you to the font by asking questions about specific letters, such as "does the bar on the 't' extend to the left of the vertical?".

We will be preloading this site with several font sites that we're familiar with, and we'll allow you to submit URLs to font sites, zip files, and individual font files. We'll fetch those files in order to add them to our database but we will not be making them available for download, because an automated system like that cannot enforce copyright restrictions such as where the author asks you to agree to a license before downloading the font. Commercial font sites are welcome to upload their fonts here in order to add them to our index - we will only use them for font matching; they will not be distributed. Our legal position is more like that of Google or Alta Vista Image Search Engines than of the 'warez' sites like Napster etc. We are definitely NOT encouraging people to put licensed fonts online and we will have mechanisms to suppress any listings for companies who do not issue free fonts. (We'll almost certainly use the copyright string embedded in the TTF file)

Any sites who do NOT want their fonts entered into the search engine can either put an entry in their robots.txt file or mail us. However we're hoping that few do, and we will make sure that the search listings give a proper pointer to your site and don't bypass your web pages, so you will still clock up your visitors and get (hopefully increased) ad revenue from your pages. We want to cooperate with fonts sites, not compete with them.

If you've been put under an abnormal load by our early spidering efforts I do apologise; the final spider will be running slowly, fetching one font file maybe once every 10 minutes at most. Currently we're exploring manually and tweaking scripts for automatic spidering.

Note this site ONLY indexes TrueType (TTF) fonts. The font matching is done by comparing bitmaps to previously generated images prepared using the FreeType system, a free clean-room implementation of TrueType font rendering which equals the original in quality.

This is a dummy page for now. We do not yet have the search engine in place

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