CGI scripts are temporarily offline

For the last 10 years, has been hosted on my home unix server connected via (at various stages) dialup, ISDN, T1, ADSL, SDSL, and now Cable...

Unfortunately the load on the server has grown faster than the comms bandwidth available and at $150/mo for a Time Warner business cable connection with static IP, it's now more than I'm willing to pay. So I've moved my servers to a cheap hosting site, and am switching my connection to a dynamic IP ADSL connection at $25/mo... phew, I feel richer already :-)

Anyway... the new hosting will not be able to run all the cgis I used to have and those that will run here will need some work to be migrated.

So as of 14th Oct 2008, expect to take a week or so for some cgis to return and months or never for others. I'll put up more specific notices when I get a chance to work on this.