Ciphergram Solution Assistant Error Help

If you got an error message or some other seemingly nonsensical result, please check that:
   The cipher text is entered in the form correctly.

   The attribution (signature or author) is NOT included
     in the ciphergram, but IS entered in its proper box.

   If you checked the "Via Email" box, your email address
     is entered in its proper box.
The Ciphergram Solution Assistant ignores punctuation by treating it as white space, except for the apostrophe. Consequently, if a word is split by a hyphen (or any other character not a letter), it will be treated as two words. It may help to retype it as one word without the hyphen. It may also help to leave out some of the words, at least to start with.

The Ciphergram Solution Assistant assumes that the ONLY one-letter words are A and I. Consequently, if the attribution has initials, as in N. F. XYYHNYV, including that in the ciphergram would make solution impossible unless the N and F just happen to represent A and I.

With the above in mind, it sometimes helps to include the attribution (without initials, if any) in the ciphergram as well as in the attribution box, but usually it does not.

If the ciphertext is entered right, and you still get the error message, the problem is too difficult to solve within the time limit.

Last updated 14 Aug 2000 Copyright © 1997 Karl Dunn