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"Bing" is a quick hack at making a C version of "Boing!", the Amiga bouncing ball.

I was impressed by David Galloway's assembly-coded version of the program and wanted to confirm my suspicion that this is *not* an easy program to write and make work in under 30,000 cycles. After starting with an 'obvious' version of the code and repeatedly refining it to have it run faster, I've spent a day on it and failed to match David's performance!

So conclusion affirmed - for a first program on the Vectrex, he did a pretty damn good job! In fact it leaves me wondering what optimisations he caught that I missed...

(I don't believe the difference is merely assembler versus C - I'm sure it's an algorithmic difference and undoubtedly related to whatever drawing mechanism he uses. I was using Malban's sync lists mostly which I thought was fairly well optimised already, but maybe there's better drawing code I should be using, especially for the grid drawing.)