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Rosemary Chicken

The breasts can be either fresh or frozen. Brown them on both sides. Throw in the wine (I never measure, but it's probably somewhere around 1/2 cup to a cup.) Lower the heat a bit, put on a lid, and let it cook till the chicken is cooked through. It's very fast if the chicken is fresh or thawed, but this works surprisingly well for a still-frozen chicken.

Gnocchi di Semolina alla Perugina

(from The New Complete Book of Pasta) Place water and milk in pot and bring to a boil. Take pot from heat, stir in salt, then slowly stir in semolina a spoonful at a time, mixing well. Replace on low heat and cook for 20 minutes until smooth and thick, stirring often. (If too thick add a small amount of boiling water, stirring well.) Remove from fire, quickly add 1 T of the butter, then the egg, blending well. Moisten a large platter or bread board with cold water and spread the gnocchi mixture on it in an even smooth layer 1/2 in. thick Cut into 1.5 in. circles with cookie cutter. Butter individual ramekins and place 6 or 8 in each, slightly overlapping. Dot with remaining butter and sprinkle with Asiago. Place under broiler until golden, watching carefully so gnocchi do not burn. Serve immediately as a first course.

Serves 6. Excellent with tomato sauce or pesto.

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