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I have been saying on FB for a few years that emulator writers really should support analog joystick mode in the emulators, using the standard mouse.

After some feedback from my friend Malban who argued that even if it were implemented, it wouldn't look or feel right, I felt obliged to give it a go myself using the emulator I have available - vecx using SDL.

Turns out it is pretty damn nice. The linux cursor disappears when over the emulator window, to be replaced by the application cursor, and works exactly as you would expect.

While I was working in that area, I added 'zxcv' as buttons 1 to 4 on the second controller (vs 'asdf' as the buttons on the primary controller), and also the left and right buttons on a two-button mouse as primary controller buttons 3 and 4 (4 being the most common 'fire' button. Conveniently in my incomplete tailgunner remake, those would be shields and fire respectively, allowing full control using the mouse)

Since the copy of vecx I started with is one I had already modified to handle 48K roms (again, for tailgunner) I posted the changes as a context diff rather than the standard exact diff, to make them easier to 'patch' into any different version of vecx.

If asked, I can upload the entire vecx source tree. And a video of the emulator in action, should anyone really want to see it before undertaking a build.

Also in this directory is AnaJoyTest.c, a simple joystick and button tester, and a compiled binary. It's not as fancy as the GCE test rom but it's useful for a quick controller check and for comparing against emulators.