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These are the re-created Manuals2 from Helmut Müller (hcmffm) at

I wrote a program to unpick the PDF pages and reassemble them in the correct format (technically known as a 'signature') for printing two-up double-sided so that they can be folded into a booklet in the correct order.

This used to be a function of printer drivers but at some point it disappeared, at least from the printers that I have. Print using the 'fit to page' and 'flip on short edge' options on A4 or Letter. By default the Windows printer drivers will center the page.

The size may be a little off from the original manuals but close enough.

If you absolutely require the exact size of original manuals, you'll have to set the scale explicitly, but you'll also have to find a way to force the page image to be centered in the page, otherwise both sides of the page won't be aligned - for some reason the printer driver doesn't center the page when the 'Scale' option is used.

Although it's a little thicker than the original manuals, I use HP Brochure Paper 180g to print these on, as it has the right sort of glossy surface to replicate the look and feel of the original printed manuals. (I think that surface finish is called 'chrome coat'.) If you have any paper that's less heavy but still as shiny, then by all means use it. The HP paper says it is for Inkjet but it worked OK in my laser. Be sure to get double-sided brochure paper - a lot of the offerings are single sided (especially if advertised as suitable for 'chip bag' making, whatever that is).

If you have a 'long arm' stapler, you can staple before trimming, otherwise trim first and use a regular short stapler.

PS the actual size of original manuals as far as I can tell is 220mm X 158mm for two pages on a folded sheet, or 158mm x 110mm for a single page.

I've included a scanned version of Clean Sweep in the MISSING directory. Note that the different software used to produce it means that the 2-up pages are in landscape format rather than rotated into portrait mode for easier printing. I think it will also need 'flip on short edge' mode. I'm not 100% sure that the absolute page sizing came out right in the conversion from Photoshop to PDF format so you almost certainly will have to use 'fit to page' or an explicit scale for this one. I'll fix those parameters as soon as I can.